MIT’s Plasma Science & Fusion Center and Proto Ventures collaborated on this study of opportunities in the commercial fusion ecosystem across the entire value chain, from advanced materials and individual components, to subsystems, services, and software solutions.



For decades, the idea of fusion energy has captured our collective imaginations as the energy source of the future, providing firm electricity without operational carbon emissions. In recent years, possible fusion has come closer and closer to probable, with major breakthroughs by top research institutions complemented by billions of dollars of investments supporting a burgeoning private fusion sector, all racing to build the first fusion power plant in the next decade.

Fusion has entered the commercial era. Major technical and cost milestones remain, and success will also require a network of partners, vendors, and technology providers to form a robust industrial supply chain. We are in a moment that offers rich possibilities for new entrants who can offer unique products and services to fill critical gaps. This report offers a roadmap for navigating the exciting landscape of a potential future commercial fusion ecosystem, helping investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and corporations alike capitalize on the immense potential of this transformative technology.

Drawing from interviews with private fusion power plant companies, extensive research, and building upon the expertise of both MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center and Proto Ventures, the Enabling Commercial Fusion report outlines key opportunities for entrepreneurs, corporations, investors, and researchers alike to secure a valuable foothold in a future fusion industry.


Cohen-Tanugi, David; Delaporte-Mathurin, Rémi; Handley, Malcolm; Meschini, Samuele; Maris, Andrew; Mouratidis, Theodore; Mullen, Julianna; Seltzman, Andrew; Stapelberg, Myles; Short, Mike; Segantin, Stefano; Wallace, Gregory; and Zhou, Weiyue

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