Artificial Intelligence (AI) includes a multitude of tools, systems, and technologies that allow computers to sense, comprehend, learn, and act. This notion will redefine the way we access and delivery of healthcare services at scale. In particular, repetitive clinical and administrative functions are expected to be fulfilled by tools implementing directed or generalizable algorithms to augment our capacity to deliver quality care services, ranging from risk prediction and screening of disease-related conditions to diagnosis and treatment of patients.

In this channel, we take big industry-wide challenges in healthcare and align value-generating AI solutions that serve these needs at all levels. Key subsegments for this channel with estimated global market values by 2026 are (source: Accenture analysis 2019):



Robot-Assisted Care


Digital Clinical Assistants


Administrative Workflow Assistance


Healthcare Fraud Detection


IOT Medical Devices


Clinical Error Reduction


Clinical Trial Participation and Efficiency


Anticipatory Medicine and Predictive Care


AI Vision and Imaging


Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Fairness


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Connected AI + Health Communities at MIT

Computational Medicine and Healthcare Reading Group / IDSS – Institute for Data, Systems, and Society / Medical Vision Reading Group / FastML / Stats Reading Group / Machine intelligence community / ML + NLP for clinical applications / Value Alignment Reading Group / SIPB Deep Learning Reading Group / ML Interpretability Reading Group / Theory of Modern Machine Learning Seminar (at Harvard) / ML Tea talks (MITxML-Machine Learning across MIT) / Sloan Healthcare Club / AI-LATAM @MIT / Hacking Medicine / MIT Biotechnology Group / MIT Cost Effective Healthcare Initiative / MIT Entrepreneurship Hub / Legatum, Mass Biotech Group / Biomaker Space / SANA / Former HSPL (2016-2018) / HBS Healthcare Club / MIT Med Device Design / Healthcare Ventures

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Luis R. Soenksen

Researcher and Serial Entrepreneur
PhD @ MIT | Synthetic Biology | AI | Devices
MSE @ Johns Hopkins University | Medical Devices

Luis has extensive entrepreneurial experience in multiple startup companies.

Learn more about him:




Luis R. Soenksen is a serial entrepreneur and medical device expert currently acting as MIT’s first Venture Builder in the Artificial Intelligence + Healthcare channel. Luis holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT as well as a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology, and a Master’s of Science in Bioengineering from Johns Hopkins University.

His training includes medical device design, development and manufacturing, as well as clinical testing and deployment of healthcare ventures. More fundamentally Luis has made significant contributions to the fields of bio-design education, bioengineering, tissue engineering, synthetic biology and artificial intelligence. Luis work has been published in several high impact journals such as Science, research that has also led to several patented biomedical technologies, and collaboration with several start-up companies internationally.